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    Has any found and used a website where people exchange cars ? We bought a car last year for £12,000 and the best part-exchange we are being offered now is £8,000. We only want a new car to get something with a bit more space in the back and although we can we don't really want to spend anymore money. I would have thought the are plenty of people who want a smaller car - not that our car is small it's a crossover 2008.


    Depending on the mileage you've probably lost £2k either way.
    Best option is pretty much always going to be sell private and use the cash to buy another. You'll get more money then trade in and it should be a lot quicker then finding some after your exact car which has the exact car you want and who is willing to trade

    life lesson. changing cars after a year is an expensive business. the problem you will have trying to sell it private for close to 10k is that when people spend that sort of money they want the safety and security of a dealership sale, and more than likely finance options

    the vast majority of private sales are at the lower end of the market.

    id be surprised if you get lucky with a better option than the trade in, which is of course a total rip off

    webuyanycar dot com

    Probably a dire offer, but in your situation it's worth a look.
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    We can't afford to be without a car so selling and then buying is not an option. I just thought the might be a private exchange option. If not we'll choose the best deal for the best car that suits our need, we are in no hurry. We tend to buy a one year old and run them into the ground so resale price is not really a consideration for us normally. We work on we can afford £1,000 a year. So if we keep it 2 years we pay £2,000 and 10 years we pay £10,000. We paid that last year plus £2,000 trade-in.

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    Can't see this working as everyone has different requirements about cars and so to match two people, living within driving distance of one another that can agree on the price of the exchange is going to be difficult.

    best bet is probably buy another car say under 1k sell this and then get what u want and sell that u won't lose much that way what car have u got anyway at moment check o autotrader ebay other sites see how much it's on for at moment will probably give u a idea how much it's worth maybe u paid a bit too much in the first place if it's around 9-10K know

    As some hukders said above sell it privately, just mention in ad that you want to exchange it with similer value car or pay the difference.

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    Yes you are probably all correct for versus reasons. Just worked out another option is having a car though the business on contract as I'm getting fed up working and paying ourselves nothing :-)


    all dealers , trade can exchanged your car. get a quote over the phone, try dealership who buy cars for cash such as Vauxhall etc. once I got a good deal, for the other I didn't so sold private
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