Car exhaust deals ?

Just about to sell my wife's peugeot 307 and typically the damn exhaust has just gone. It's dragging along the ground so needs immediate attention.

Obviously as it's going I want to spend as little as possible.

Anyone know of any good offers on at the moment - i'd rather avoid the usual kwik-fit rip off if possible.

Is there anyway it can be fixed ? - it's only 3.5yrs old and done 20K so I was a liitle surprised it went so soon !

If there are no offers at the mo what do people feel are the best prices on the high street ? - any online companies like blackcircles ?



I think Hi-Q have just undergone a major re-branding and are offering some sort of discount at newly opened test stations. I'm not sure if this is open to everyone nationwide, but might be worth a look!


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Thanks - are Hi-Q nationwide ?
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