Car fault diagnosis in Solihull/Birmingham

My Peugeot 307 has an ABS warning light. Can anyone recommend a reasonable local firm that can diagnose this for me? I've rang a couple of local garages and they both want £30.


very very common....get your car up, remove rear wheels and clean the plate where the sensor sits (its norm a sensor prob) and make sure the airgap is 2mm or a little less..

google it there are loads of forums like the one below.. post the question there.

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I too have a 307 and this is a very common problem. It needs a new sensor fitting (or the one that's not making a connection needs cleaning). Your abs will be fine. You could leave the fault light on but it won't pass its MOT with the light showing.

Probably the off side rear ABS sensor has a build up of rust causing an incorrect gap.

£30 is standard for a garage to read what the fault code is. It is probably code C1337. There were a couple of recalls on 307s for ABS related problems. Might be worth checking if yours is affected.

You can buy the diagnostics tool off ebay amazon for that price , mine was £12 from ebay and covers all vac com cars , I changed my seats and the airbag light needed resetting , the tool also reset all my other things including abs which also came on after bleeding the brakes. Saved me a small fortune.


£19.99 and you get more that a receipt for switching a light off.

where abouts are you based.
depending on where, I may be to meet up to run my software on it to give you the code so you can find out what it is, can try clearing the code too if you want, but it normally wont go till you fix the problem
no charge, just ask you stick something in a charity bucket next time you pass one
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Thanks all.
mrwhitelabel, I live in Shirley and work in Edgbaston. Very kind of you to offer.

ok well either of those isnt a problem

send me a pm and im sure can work something out

Recall Ref: R/2007/189
Exact Model: 307
Build Date:
Numbers: 210382
Defect: It has been identified that the operation of the ABS/ESP braking unit may be affected by the ingress of water.
Action: Recall likely to be affected vehicles to reinforce the resistance of the ABS/ESP unit to water.
Launch Date: 25 January 2008

Recall Ref: R/2005/151
Exact Model:
Description: Corrosion of electrical connection which could cause a short circuit
Build Date:
Numbers: 151410
Defect: It is necessary to check and reinforce the sealing of the electrical connections for the ABS system. As under certain conditions, the repeated entry of salt water into this connection could cause short circuits, which may lead to a fire within the engine compartment.
Action: Recalled vehicles will have numerous checks carried out and repairs completed, dependent upon what is found.
Launch Date: 25 November 2005

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Thanks again mrwhitelabel, I'll certainly look into that.
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