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Found 15th May
Has anyone got any recommendations on a simple scanner?
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more information needed. there's 100's on ebay, banggood, etc.
you can buy small bluetooth ones that then connecto to SOFTWARE APPS that you have on your phone or tablet...

or you can just fire up a terminal emulator and read the raw codes coming in.....

what do you want to do, what car do you have, what hardware do you have, what format do you want the reader?, standalone, hooked to a tablet, or raspberry pi or similar?
As above really, the cheap BT ones can work well, can be hit and miss connection wise sometimes, if your not sure buy one of them for a couple of quid, have a play with it, see what you need then maybe decide on a stand along plug Scanner.
Just bare in mind cheap OBD scanners only read the ECU in most cases and even then it's hit and miss.

They're ok for basic codes but for some codes you need dealer level.
If you have an android phone buy a cheap Bluetooth one.
Ms309 cheap and works basic.
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Ebay -don't pay more than 30£
I've never had any luck with Bluetooth ones, have got a few standalone ones from amazon that work reliably and clear codes fine.
There are some aimed just at ford ,better than the usual elm clones
Bluetooth for Android, WiFi for iOS.
You’ll get different mileage depending on the make of car you use it with.
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