car finance with a provisional liscense advice please :)

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Hi guys so yesterday me and partner were on our back from
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I believe the info you have been given is correct, you may be better off trying to get a loan as the interest rates could be better.
Watch a few episodes of Judge Judy before you go into debt for someone.
I have a friend and she and husband needed a new car. They both had poor credit ratings so the loan had to be taken out in the name of her elderly (over 70) non driving mother. If they want to sell the car, there will be a way. I too would tend to go for a loan rather than finance. One thing would say though is that if your partner's credit is poor and yours is only fair, be careful not to over stretch your finances.
Depending on your circumstances and the price of the car you want you can do a "soft search" to see if you might be accepted for either a 0% purchases or 0% money transfer card. This doesn't affect credit rating. This will basically give you a free loan for the time period. For example if you borrow £2000 over 36 months and pay off the £55 a month you will never pay interest. So it's basically a free loan. Most cards charge a small fee to complete the transaction but this is added to the total amount. PM me if you need further advice. Please only do this if you can afford the monthly payments though or they will charge interest.
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