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Found 23rd Apr 2008
Im after trading my car in but i have poor credit history, I was just wondering if anyone had used some of these sites from the net to help ect.

Im in the essex area, I dont have a mortgage so have nothing to guarantee

Any help appreciated


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i wudnt recommend it mate

their interest rates are high. ur best private.

if thats what you want too do try blackhorse finace.

dont use direct car finance etc the awfull tv ad ones

used them before the warranty is ***** basically you have to pay first for any repairs they then decide if it covered 99% of the time its sorry not covered due to milage and the free cash back offer is not fre they just add it to the car and the trade in value of your car is just added and the invoice shows zero they say its done that way for the accounts

avoid most main dealers now days have their own finance ok apr going to be higher based on your history because they use a few to get the deal but atleast the warranty covered by the dealer not the finance firm !!!!

Try trading in at a main dealers, I have a pretty poor credit rating but i bought a second hand Nissan almera at my local Nissan garage, I got the credit no problem and at a very reasonable interest rate, I think that the car is the main guarantee and the credit check is mainly to check your on the polling list at the address you state.


if thats what you want too do try blackhorse finace.

I once went to try them but they wanted to charge 31.9%apr on a £2500 loan!

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cheers guys maybe ill have to stick to my old banger i dont fancy getting more into debt than need be

Does you car get you from a to b,and is it reliable?

If so,stick with what you got........try and build up your credit rating so when it does eventually conk out you'll get a better deal.:)

if u do need a newer one - keep an eye on autotrader or the auctions - u do pick up some nice motors -

I also have had problems with poor credit, but i found a specialist company who fixed me up with a contract hire which works perfectly try . Contact me if you want the name.
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