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    Hi everyone! Needed a bit of help here, I was wondering if there are any companys that sell cars on a monthly fee which includes insurance? Either on leasing or financing the car fully? Also im 20 and I know this will be a bit of a barrier, but help is much appreciated!!
    ! P.s. ideally something like a VW Golf, Ford Focus, Audi A3 but anything will be very helpful.




    try and avoid it, if you can, save up yourself!

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    Will take too long saving up, and i want one in the next couple of months or so. Do u know of any? :whistling:

    nobody will include insurance that I know of? Unless you go for a long term flexi lease from a car hire company, but will cost a fortune. Better getting a lease car and paying the insurance seperately but monthly

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    Hmm yeah i dont mind it being long term, but i wanted to see if there was anyone who includes insurance as that is way too high at the moment on any car i am looking at due to age, location etc. Do you know of any cheap insurance companies then?


    insurance companies wise mate, you need to get on confused, money supermarket etc, and basically just pick the car that you can afford from the insurance etc.

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    u got any suggestions mate? for a young driver first car? cheap on insurance? cheers
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