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hi ppl, i have a vauxhall corsa 1.0, and my engine management light has come on. i think its something to do with when i pull off and change gear, the car seems to pull back.
i got told it could be the mass air flow sensor, what do you guys reckon?

any advice welcome.


the only way to know for sure what the error code showed is to connect it to a diagnostic computer and read the code.
tbh it could be almost anything from the petrol cap not on tight (i kid you not my focus does this) to complete engine failure and anything in-between

I remember a few years back when I had an old cavalier shorting two pins on the ECU using a paperclip. I read the flashes on my dash for and error code and looked up a table on the net to tell me what the problem was. Do a search for corsa fault codes and see what it brings up

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how would i know what the erroe code is? only by a diagnostics test? how much do they cost?
also have another problem lol when my wheels are on full lock (right) and i pull off it makes like a cranking noise, any ideas what that is?

thanks ppl

codes are at the end of the webpage m8 listed in model order

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thanks for that site m8, but my car is 51 plate so i don't think it would work, sorry to mention that. how much is a diagnostic test?

most probable cause is mass air flow , but codes will probably say lambda sensor, but stick with air flow, cranking noise on turn is outer cv joint dry or damaged!

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so should i buy and fit the air flow sensor myself or should i take it to the garage? is there anything you can put on the cv joints or should i get new 1's?

thanks ppl

its only a few minute job to fit , but fault codes need to be deleted after fitted.
cy joint should be checked for boot condition (if secure or split) then either pack with greese and renew boot or if this no fix then cv joint required.

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ok, so best off going garage then? how much is a test?

charges from £30 +vat

The first fault sounds like the IDLE CONTROL VALVE is going or is dirty...

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hey michelle, where would i find the idle control valve? is it is enough to replace or clean?

yes it is easy enough to replace and to clean if it is dirty you just blow into it.
As for where it is you would have to get a manual to look for it as my dad did mine:-D.

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ok, how about if it was the air flow sensor and i replaced/cleaned it, would the engine management light stay on? & if so how do i get it off?

i got a diagnostic check on my vectra from a local gararge £20 cash it only took about 5 mins

Sometimes disconnecting the battery for a while resets them (well does in older cars!) but newer ones may have a non-volatile memory in which case they'll still be there!

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do you think i should try and disconnect the battery? will anything else go off in my car?

depends on the car.
you'd lose radio code.
you might have to synchronise the immobiliser and key.

the diagnostic check is your best option IMHO
at least then you'll know what the problem is

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Hi ppl, back again, so i put my car on the diagnostics machine and it came up with the code p0170 and the bloke said its either a air leak in the manifold or an injector has gone. but after looking up at it on the net i found this site:…315

they reckon it was the air flow sensor what i originally thought, what do you guys reckon?
anyone had this code before?

thanks for your help

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anyone? plz? lol
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