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    I bought a 2nd hand car a few days ago and im on my insurance policy atm and i cant drive the new car until my policy is up. storing the car in my garage for about month and a bit so is there any precautions i need to do to ensure the car will still run well in a months time?



    Should be fine for a month, you can always turn teh engine over once a week if you really want.

    Not sure why the insurance Co cannot transfer the policy over though.

    i wouldnt imagine so if its only a month but if you want to be extra safe then just turn the engine on and let it run for a few mins every few days

    Pump your tyres up by an extra 10-15psi if it's going to stand. This way you won't run the risk of flat-spotting.

    Put it in a carpetted heated garage...


    Put it in a carpetted heated garage...

    dont forget the tv/radio you dont want it to get lonley!!

    nah if its a newer car should be fine (could depend on the make tho pmsl)

    Why do you have to wait until your old policy is up, just transfer it to the new car


    Will be fine. What insurance company won't transfer you over to the new car? Name and shame. Don't start the engine for a few minutes thats when the most amount of wear is done.

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    ok cheers guys n gals!


    cross your fingers that nothing happens to your garage

    no insurance = no payout

    [COLOR="Red"]why wont your insurance company just transfer the new car onto your existing policy?[/COLOR]

    It is strange they won't transfer over. I had two cars at one stage and they switched the old one to temporary cover note for the month I'd still have possession of it and then put newer one (lol can't see me ever having a brand new car) on policy properly.

    My reply to them saying that they wouldn't let me transfer over until the end of policy would have been "I'll be going elsewhere at the end of my policy!"

    Some ppl are surprised how negotiable insurance can be. I got all my renewal letters and phoned up saying I wanted £x off for this and £x off for that and oooh and don't forget how long I've been with you blah blah blah. You can get 30% off with most insurance companies if you can prove you do less miles a year than the norm.

    In fact I find most ppl are surprised what I get bartered off bills.

    Disconnect the battery:thumbsup:

    wrap it up in a blanket if its cold,
    fan it if its hot,
    give it a hot water bottle at night,
    and kiss n cuddle it every morning!
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