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    ok so last month i brought a toyata carina E gs 1.8i it had just under 1/4 tank of petrol . now when ive gone to it today (its been started and run for a max of two hours in the month) but started say 7 times its now on empty (vvv nrly on bottem line) is this normal? i know its beem started allot and we have had a lot of temp change etc but loosing like 6-7l i would imagine isnt this allot? but i cant see a drip etc or any dead grass (where its been sat) any ideas???? thanks in advance!!!!!!!!


    Hi there

    A fuel gague is like a woman very temperamental.
    You need to fill it and drive until empty.
    To check how good it is.

    Is it kept on a slope?

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    near flat service .... when i drove it for 20mins at start it didnt change much but it couldnt change that much could it????


    why not get your kid to cycle into it and claim off the insurance lol

    Don't trust a car fuel indicator, they can go from a quarter to empty in a couple of miles, as suggested, fill it up and then run it until near empty.

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    ok cheers people just checking it didnt have a leak or something

    My Peugeot does the same.. 2008 model.. Full to Half is like 45 litres, half to empty is 15 litres!!
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