Car help corsa!!!!!!!

    Hi im thinking of selling my corsa

    I remember on here i saw a site what will go you an evaluation of how its worth but can find the link.

    Anyone know it!!!!!!!!!1


    Most car dealers use the Glasses guide : [url][/url]

    Check out autotrader, Parkers guide etc and work out an average.

    Original Poster

    parkers guide that was it couldnt think of it cheers m8

    Even though dealers use Glasses guide they won't give you the same price as the guide, they may give you under or over depending on how much they want your car.

    Parkers is well off mate if your looking for a price to buy/sell, glass' guide is 100x better.

    It's £2.95 from thier site, but if you goto [url][/url], click onthe owners tab, then value your car - it will give you a free Glass' valuation

    All of the guides are just that, any car is worth as much as anyone will give you for it.

    Service History, general condition, mileage etc. are all factors in it's value.

    Check out Auto Trader and try to find a few cars similar to your own, that will give you a very rough idea.
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