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Found 29th Aug 2017
Soooo me and my partner want to hire a car... however I'm not sure if we have problems with how we can do it

She has a driving license... but no credit card
I have just a provisional license and a credit card

Are we going to be able to hire a car with these conditions... I tried looking online for answers but I'm a little confused


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does she have a debit card?

from experience most places need payment / deposit from the person driving the car (the one with a full license)

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Yeah she has a debit card but I was reading they ideally want a credit card?

Email them, some accept debit card if you can cover the full cost.

If it's in the UK, debit card is fine with most of the major hire companies. If abroad, you'll most likely need a credit card. If you have a credit card just add her as an additional car holder.

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Ahhh good to hear... I'll go in-store tommorow and ask them thanks guys

dapp1 h, 47 m ago

Ahhh good to hear... I'll go in-store tommorow and ask them thanks guys

enterprise cars accept debit cards, £200 deposit + rental price

you can usually find at least a 5% code for them online

I've used them for various cars and vans without issue, if you're hiring for 4-6 days it usually works out cheaper to hire for a full week

Just hired a van last weekend with a debit card, They did say to e that anyone with a debit or credit card could pay and I could drive.
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