Car hire - deposit

If I were to hire a car and I was hit by a third party and I were to lose my £400 deposit it was suggested by the hirer that I would need to make a claim against the third party to get my deposit back. If this were so how would I go about finding their details and making a claim. Surely the hirer would make a claim for any damage caused.


If the accident was not your fault then the car hire firm shouldn't take your deposit. If they insist they will then find a more reputable car hire firm.

Yeah, sounds dodgy to me. Is this firm in Marmaris or something?

this might help - if you hire from a place 150 KM away from where you stay.

if u hire a car from europcar, u can avoid the deposit thing as long as u pay about £14 per day. it is called mastercoverplus.
the advantage is,if u damage the car, accident or something, u won't liable to pay even a penny!

but,if u dont take the mastercoverplus,and damage the car, the deposit is burnt then.. :?
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