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Posted 13th Apr 2013
Planning on hiring a car from Vanrell (Majorca) but need someone to take a look at the t+c's as they state that the car is 'fully insurance with no excess' but then a whole loada things are not covered like mirrors, glass, underside of car etc.

Vanrell Hire then offer additional cover for €4 p/day to cover things like glass etc- but- what I would like to ask is; am I better off buying extra insurance before jetting out, as from how I understand it- if the cars side mirror got broken by a passing car- I'd have to pay for it?

I'm not sure what their insurance actually includes as most things are excluded!

Where do you recommend I purchase the extra cover from as I don't think the 4€ p/day covers everything? Any companies highly recommended/ or any particular ones to avoid?
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The small print (edited):

Conditions for reserving a vehicle

Prices All Inclusive
Our prices include:
Taxes: VAT
Unlimited mileage
Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no excess.
Additional driver for no extra charge.

Prices for an extra insurance covering damages of Tyres, Windows and mirrors:
Category A, B, C, C1 --> 4€ day
Category D, D1, E, E1, F, F1, G, G2 --> 6€ day
All others -- >9€ day

What does the insurance not cover?
The insurance does not cover the following:
Damage caused to third parties due to negligence or reckless driving.
Damage caused to the vehicle due to negligence.
Refuelling with the wrong fuel.
Damage caused to the wheel trims or tyres.
Loss or breakage of keys or remote control, (the charge will be between 90 euros and 150 euros depending on model of vehicle).
Damage to upholstery and locks.
Damage or loss of baby seats.
Damage or loss of aerial, jack, windscreen wipers or petrol cap.
Damage to the motor due to negligence.
Damage to the underneath of the vehicle.
Damage due to bad usage of the clutch.
Theft of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition.
Driving under the effects of alcohol.
Breakage of windows and wing mirrors.

Booking Cancellation
The company may cancel your reservation for reasons beyond their control up to 12 hours before delivery of the vehicle.
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^^ looks like a great site! does that mean you can hire a car in one person's name and up to 7 people can drive it saving the extra £15 per driver per day?

edit: The policy holder and up to 7 additional drivers on the car rental agreement for unlimited use throughout the 12 month period.
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It doesn't allow extra users of the car as per the hire agreement, just covers the excess costs.

Ask them to clarify the exact details.
I know a few people who use them (lots of business travel in europe hence lots of car hire) and they all say they're good.
Personally wouldn't bother, its a massive stress hiring a car abroad, or even hiring a car full stop, there is always someone who will want to charge you for damage you didn't cause.
And to add, the way the spanish drive you will need wing mirror cover.
LOL at this catch all comment

"Damage caused to the vehicle due to negligence"

most accidents are caused by negligence!

Personally wouldn't bother, its a massive stress hiring a car abroad, or … Personally wouldn't bother, its a massive stress hiring a car abroad, or even hiring a car full stop, there is always someone who will want to charge you for damage you didn't cause.

hire cars 2-3 times every year and never had a problem or charged extra

some really poor rip-off merchants out there, especially in Spain (e.g Goldcar, malagacarhire, carjet, easycar). Cheapest quotes but then they sting you with €100 for petrol when you pick the car up.

op, stick with reputable ones that have a fair fuel policy. Best brokers I have used:-


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Thanks a bunch for all the guidance on here:
csiman: looked at economy rentals- but most vehicles have an extra 30euro added on to the price as we need to tale them at a funny hour (out of business hours) but i've definately earmarked it should I find reason to ditch Vanrell (spoken to them phone twice so far, have been very helpful) they also do the fuel plicy of bring back however much you take in tank. thanks a lot for taking time to reply in thread- i know you're the one to go to for travel info

MAS: ta for the link, once i've got the car secured, will look at the insurance cover options within link

aircanman: taxi for transfers is so pricey, that it's much better value to take a car for the WHOLE week rather than get a cab on arrival/departure (coach transfers not an option as do not stay at resorts etc)
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