Car hire help needed

Hi everyone, first post on HUKD. I needed some help please, Im 20 from West Yorkshire, Leeds/Bradford area and needed a car with insurance for about a week or 5 days. Anything half decent, or something like a VW Golf? Audi a3? or any deals appreciated as it is really hard finding anything due to age restrictions!

Thanks !


Think you're struggling at 20 to hire a car tbh. As far as I know the minimum age is 21 at most places.

Just asked OH and he said 21.He has drove hire cars for work and when you hire a car you have to show your licence if licence is not with you they ring DVLA and you answer many question to DVLA and DVLA then speak with the hire company to say yes or no.Hope this is of some help.

hi welcome to hukd

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grr... thanks for the response guys. I thought it probz wont be possible!

I know these have rented in the past but charge extra.
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