Car hire in Italy next weekend

Found 7th Sep 2008
AS it says in the title i'm off on holiday next weekend and need a car for the week. I would like a decent motor as it's our anniversary but it's really quite expensive. Anyone know of any deals or codes to assist?

Any help appreciated.

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which airport you flyin into? and how long are you staying (flight number and dates please too!) :thumbsup:

Also, what do you class as "decent"
As Disco says, need more info.

Try the Car Hire Section of: [url]www.travelsupermarket.com[/url]

As an example, for a weeks hire from Milan:
Economy (Ka etc) from about 120 quid
Mid sized (Focus etc) from about 160 quid
Luxury (BMW etc) from about 270 quid.

Do compare things like cancelation policy / insurance / fuel terms etc. They vary from company to company.
Sorry ppl, would help if I gave more info:

Flying into Milan Linate on the 13th (about 4ish in the afternoon)
Returning from Milan Malpensa 20th about midday

When I say decent, I mean maybe something a little sporty or preferably a convertible although I figure that will be a bit expensive.

I guess I'm happy with £120-£150 for a standard car but willing to go to about £250 for a nice car. Figure i'm hoping a bit but thought it was worth a try.

P.S. Auto is preferable but not essential
you dont want much do ya.. im guessing insurance etc etc is all covered and you only require the actual car hire.

PS; you sure you dont want a 1 seater ;-)
PPS; is it T1 or T2 you return from ?

Age of driver/s are?
Depending on what you what there are nice cars from

219pw (Audi A3)
335pw (Megane Cabriolet )
309pw (Alfa 147)

or the lower end of the market gets you

Corsa Automatic 227pw
Fiesta 160pw
Peugeot107 for 154pw

thats without codes, or really looking about .. ill look 2morra night should you still need a hand :thumbsup:
>you dont want much do ya.. im guessing insurance etc etc is all covered and you only require the actual car hire.

I know thought I was being a bit optimistic. So when you say insurance is covered, I'm fully comp in the UK and beleive I never take and further insurance as it's usually covered in the price of the car, isn't it? I do however normally go for the collision dame waver, a bit of a con I know but in case I miss a mark when taking it or in case someone bumps the door when it's parked which is out of my control.

I do appreciate your help, reckon a code will be key

i went to Milan for 4 days and got a passat for £120 through avis car hire. It was a diesel and estate so worked out very well with the luggage.

I had actually booked a BMW 3 series or a Mercedes C Class but they refused to give me that as i did not have an American Express or Diners card!!! To compensate tho they waived the collision damage waiver and additional driver charges as well as the downgrading the price to a group below.
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