Car hire in Spain

    Why has car hire in spain went thro the roof !!

    3 weeks ago i got quoted £305 for 21 days car hire . Today £832 !!!!

    why ??


    I don't know why there is a sudden increase but try [url][/url].
    I hadn't heard from them before but have just come back from a holiday where I used them. They were 100 euros cheaper than the next cheapest [url][/url].

    By the way I paid 280 euros for 22 days but it was booked a few months back

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    833.49€ in the booking centre !!! still way out there compared to 4 weeks ago !!

    You paid 280 euros !!!!

    What car you looking at. I've just looked for beginning of Sept and they are around the 400 euro mark. We always have a berlingo type car as they have lots of boot space and a good price


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    Hi Wookie
    My dates are 15th July to 5th Aug
    Pick up car at Palma airport
    and i normally get a Ford Fusion 5dr.

    Last year i was about £260 but 4 weeks ago quoted £305 but never took it. As of today im looking at 800 euros

    Thanks for your input

    its now the holiday season
    schools finished etc

    summer hype etc does increase prices!

    Sorry can't help anymore. You are obviously going at peak time to a busier resort. They are the ones I always use apart from holiday autos which won't even quote me. I think the problem is that you have left it too late and they are selling out.

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    Ok thanks everyone

    i'll just get the bus to Puerto Pollensa. just means i wont be spending my cash in other areas of the island.

    I'll still have a ball

    thanks again for the responce.

    car hire I find like very late flights - leave it to late and these go up closer to the date :?
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