car HPI check?

Found 30th Jun 2012
hi guys, looking at buying my first car, i understand getting a HPI check done on a private vehicle is pretty important, so im just wondering what the reccomended/cheapest way to get this done is?

any advice would be appreciated


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should you be concerned if the type of peopel you ring about car's sound like chavvy kids? or is that just to be expected when looking at golfs lol

looking at something like that..

just want to get one where i know the timing belt has been done aswell, as i dont want a £200-600 bill waiting for me when i first have to put the car through an mot/service
any idea how good vehicle check on autotrader is? seems good value at £25 for 5 cars
Hi Joe.

I used it was 10 and checks everything, even if the car is still under finance and the vin number and it gives you a car contract to print out and get the seller to sign. You can also use the dvla to check the m.o.t. History for free as well so you can see what the car has failed its m.o.t. On in the past. I've just bought my first car, and I know nothing. The best suggestion I can give you is, when you've bought a car take it to a garage to get a quick check on it done if you don't know a mechanic, my local garage charged me £20 for this, and believe me it's worth it. My seller gave me a full service history as well as a reciept of a full service that was done the week before i bought it. When I took it to the garage myself they pointed out it had a bald tyre, even though the service said all the tyres where checked and one was changed! Because it's illegal to sell an unroadworthy car unless stated I got the seller to pay for a new tyre. When my tyre was taken off I was shocked. The tyre wasn't just bald, it has slashes in it and could have killed me if I'd have gone on the motorway.
Sorry princess, u saying have a garage check the car before i buy it, or after ive bought it?
I had mine done after, there are laws protecting buyers if anything is found to be wrong after you've bought it
Use HPI themselves, yes its not the cheapest but they are the best by far!

I checked a 3 year old VW on mycarcheck and they said it was a CAT B right off a year ago!! HPI said it was all clear and said people like mycarcheck and the ones by text use old historical records that take months to update and also collate there data from insurance companies and baliffs etc. HPI use motor database, police, dvla etc so the facts are correct. I bought the car after HPI said it was clear of everything and there isnt a dent on it, so its either the bast repair job ever or i have actually bought a ford!

And mycarcheck still says its showing as written off!!!!!!!!!! - absolute **** company even though ive told them im driving it!

i used mycarcheck does the job for £5-10 checks every thing execpt miliage but that can be done on mot dvla
Always worth doing with RAC or hpi, many vehicles I have bought have had finance on them.
Mycarcheck worked fine for me, showed my car was a cat c write off and that it had been checked and was back on the road
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