car insurace?

    Hi im wanting to insure a car and do this online,i checked moneysupermarket and got a good price and was wondering how long it normaly takes to get the insurnace documents and the car needs taxing.can you print out the cover note?am i right in thinking i need the log book,mot and a cover note to get the tax?thanks


    They can check online see if the car is insured [url][/url] you will need the V5 and MOT though (although they can probably check on that too these days, infact you may not need any as you can tax a car online now!!)

    Swift let you print them out, Not sure about others, You don't need your MOT certificate now as when your cars MOT'd it goes on the database.

    Check list is

    1. Log book
    2. Insurance Certificate

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    so i can do it all online and not need to go to th post office,how would i get the tax disk if i do it online,i have the v5 and mot at hand

    I was trying to buy mine the other day through quidco then someone rang me they are called Academy and they gave me an even better quote than I had been getting (spent over a week searching Quidco and comparing) their quote gave me the lowest price with only £100 excess
    their tel no is 0800 4580875 and I bought mine on 23rd July at 4.00 p.m. had documents yesterday - so overnight - worth a ring


    Start here, will be with you by tuesday!

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    do i need to get it insured online first?
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