Found 19th Jul 2008
My car insuarnce is away to expire and at momet its in my name as I own the vehile. owever my sister and her partner drive it cos I bought it for her ferrying us around and for ifwhen i have enough funds and babysitters to take lessons...was working full time before and was a temp so didnt manage lessons then and am now not working and cannot really afford them.

Anyway my sister has her own car and is fully comp with no point or claims..was thinking I would take the insurance out in her name this time instead of mine cos will be cheaper as I have a provisional license and will mean her and her partner are fully comp - previously had ex as named driver so he could take the kids out as his old vehicle was his works truck and didnt have enough seats...Plus my bank account is ropey at moment due to not working and bank charges while waiting for benefits claims so want to ensure car insurance gets paid!

Will her no claims automatically carry over to the second car (i.e. mine?) think her car is insured through Direct line....Not sure how all this works so thoughts appreciated!




Having worked for Direct Line I can tell you they wont let your sister insure your vehicle unless she is the owner or spouse of the owner, if you have been a named driver on her policy Direct Line do give you a match no claims bonus if not the only way for you to get the discount is to transfer the vehicle ownership to your sister and she would be able to claim a matched discount from her vehicle and apply it to the policy for your vehicle with you named as the main driver.

it has been a few years since a worked for Direct Line so your best bet is to give them a call and see if they have changed their underwriting rules.

You cannot generally use no claims bonus over two cars. It is possible with some companies to insure someone elses car in your name but the no claims she is using elsewhere wont be allowed.

you should really get it insured in her name but will prob have to register the car in her name aswell as above. I also worked in motor insurance for many years both on Customer Service and Claims and woull say this: do not state that you are the main driver as looks like from what you said that your sister is the main driver and in the event of a claim then they would possibly not pay out if discovered that your sister drives the car on a regular basis, hence she would be classed as the main driver. This would also apply if you had a fault accident and were not claiming for the repairs to your car. Your insurance would be obliged to pay out the third party but could possibly look to recover the money from you as you have not been honest with them. As a rule of thumb if your sister drives the car more than say 3 days a week then she would be classed as the main driver. I would get your sister to add this car onto her insurance and they may well "mirror" the NCB. As and when you pass your test, you can always re register the car back into your name and get your own insurance.
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