Car Insurance ??

    So lets say after a few weeks you aint happy with the insurance place you went with and you decide to cancel...

    you phone them up to tell them, and they say to send the insurance cover notice back to them . ( which is done )

    I keep looking at…spx to see if its still valid on the insurance that im canceling... ( how up to date is that web site as i dont want to go anywhere in car then for the insurance to be canceled while im out and about )

    i would get the new insurance now to cover it, but im sure i read at someplace that you can not insure the same car twice? ( true / false )

    may seem like a daft questions, but car inurance aint my subject in life any help wold be cool.....


    Hello, once you have told them you want to cancel, the insurance company will set the wheels in motion to cancel from the date you told them regardless of if you still have the certficate or not. So as you say you have already sent the cert back then you need to insure your car immediately with another company as you are not covered until you do and if you get stopped by the police even though the MID is stating you are still insurered, they would still need to see your cert and as you dont have it then they would more than likely ring your insurance to check and be told that you had rung them to cancel. The other thing is if you have no insurance and have an accident then you are not covered for your damage and liable for costs for the other car!!! I would get your car re insured NOW!!!

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    :thumbsup: consider it done.. thanks :-D
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