Found 20th Jan 2010
can anyone help me i got a quote online for car insurance i decided to take the policy and paid online got all my insurance documents through then recieved a letter 20 days later saying they where canceling my policy and gave me 5 days notice phoned them up and said they got there pricing wrong and was canceling my policy
1. can they do this or are they in a legaly biding contract
any info will help thanks


Check the terms and conditions of the contract

might be worth a wee phone call to the insurance ombudsman. Not sure if they can do this but if they do, I think you would be entitled to a full refund - especially as it's all their fault.

You'll be entitled to a full refund (less any days cover that you've had), but they are allowed to cancel it at their discretion.


but they are allowed to cancel it at their discretion.

That's ******** innit as one of the question you get asked when applying for insurance is : Have you ever had insurance cancelled or turned down in the past. If you answer yes then obviously that's not going to be in your favour....:x

Yes , they can if there is a reason too . I can think of one reason for them to do it too .
All my policys I've taken out over the net in the last few years ,the companys have asked me to send the original policy renewal from my present company ....................the reason has proof of my no claims discount .
I had to send my details to the AA , I faxed it and days later I recieved a letter saying they had cancelled my policy as they said I hadn't sent it . Of ,course I had .............on someones desk no doubt . It was all sorted out eventually and I was with them for a year ..............but ,never again .

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all my details where correct i doubled checked because the quote was cheap then i checked again when they posted the insurance documents out right car right reg i dont have any no claims bonus checked that checked everything they simply put the wrong price in the system u know like some of the things u get on here that are wrongly priced and nobody ever recieves after ordering just annoying as i canceled my old policy that another month left on it and now have 4 days to sort out some more insurance

4 days is plenty of time, your new policy is just a few clicks away :thumbsup:


I am sure they will have had good reason for cancelling

For them to say they got their pricing wrong suggests you may have told a porkie somewhere down the line

Just go to gocompare , I did and got some great deals on my car insurance for my Vauxhalls ,Churchhill & Saga.
Pay by credit card and if there is any problems ,you will get a refund.

I had this last year. Sorting insurance for my teenage son and went thru one of the comparison sites. I answered everything 100% accurately and got a quote which was good with AA. When the papers came it had me as the main driver not him but I had made sure I had answered that question correctly. I even had the screenshots of each page of my quote which showed this. When I rang the AA they said it would be nearly 4 times the cost to change it to him as the main driver (double what his renewal premium was going to be). I refused to pay that saying their system was deceiving customers and threatened to take it further. They cancelled the policy saying I was a liar and my screenshots couldnt have been correct and gave me 12 hours notice! I was seething and took out a policy elsewhere and then pursued the AA for 4 months for compensation and eventually got £300 back from them. I'm guessing you're pretty young so try Quinn Direct or Egg, they came out best for us.
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