Found 16th Jun 2010
Anyone insured their car lately?

I've never driven in my life but thanks to this site I've become the deal finding mule for all the family who have never used a computer in their lives... I suppose that's a downside to this site if you want to find one. Heheh!!!

It's a KW reg... If that means anything.

I've tried the comparison sites but don't understand most of the Qs so struggle getting to the end. If anyone has any tips I'd be glad to hear them...

Mucho grassyarse as Emile Heskey might put it!


do the compare sites, find the best deals then check out the cashback sites to see what the offers are.

I found the cash back sites were useless and I was quoted more when I clicked through them that going directly. Also don't assume that everyone is on the price comparison websites.. you might want to check other companies directly as well. For my, my cheapest quote has always been Swift Cover.. and i've found their customer service to be 2nd to none.


do the compare sites, find the best deals then check out the cashback … do the compare sites, find the best deals then check out the cashback sites to see what the offers are.

thats just what i did ended up with M&S insurance with £35 quidco paid :thumbsup:

Insurance is completely personal and doubt whether two peoples circumstances are ever the same.

Check out the cash back sites, I got £75 back off Aviva.
Check out the comparison sites but then go direct to the cheapest.
Check out the none comparison insurers.
Can save more money by having breakdown cover built into the deal or again go seaperately via cashback sites, you will have t ocompare all the different combinations to see which suits.

It's a fair bit of donkey work but it can save you a lot of money. You are going to need alll their details to be of any use to them. I hope you are getting a cut of any savings.

Unfortunately no one can really point you in the right direction just a general one.

And leave Heskey out of it, at least he had a shot on target unlike the other striker who seems immune from criticism

KW isnt a valid reg it will be the bit after 01, 02, 53, 57 etc

I've been doing multiple searches myself recently for various different types of cars with engine sizes etc & personally ive found Gocompare and Moneysupermarket to be the best engines to search with.

More Than were always very competitive and you can get Quidco too!

Check out Martin Lewis & Quidco for some very savy tips and you cant go wrong

Direct line have offered me the best rate recently they are not on comparsion sites, so worth checking them out too.

You will need to answer most of those questions even if you go direct or over the phone. So just take your time and get all the answers then sit down and have a bash.

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]I agree with hot dealing, direct line have always been cheapest for me and my family all get discounts too coz i've a policy, one year i got a high quote and went to privelage, they quoted me cheaper, but at the time they were underwritten by direct line, so in effect i never left them[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]just an afterthought since you dont drive, remember to get quotes for fully comp as well as 3rd party, coz sometimes fully comp is cheaper[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I agree with what's been said so far. I used a comparison site, and then checked the cashback sites. Morethan was almost the cheapest, but offered £50 cashback so went with them. It took about 6 months for the cashback to come through.

Worth remembering though that not all insurance cover is the same, and things that some include for free (such as fully comp cover overseas) may cost you extra with somebody else. ]Defaqto is a good site to compare what is offered when you actually need to use your insurance.

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By 'eck. I didn't expect that much of a response but I sure do appreciate it. I think - as most of you say - I'll get on the compare sites 1st with a few bob quidco. Then direct to the individual sites for more quidco. Thanks to all and rep will be duely paid once I get to a real PC instead of my phone with it's 2" screen.

This designated bargain hunter has it's upsides after all with the cash backs! Top stuff!!!


KW isnt a valid reg it will be the bit after 01, 02, 53, 57 etc

Shows how much I know. Heheh! I thought it was KW then 51... another thing to check.

I'd give a thumbs up if I could see it.
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