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    any one firstly know what pay as youdrive car insurance is? and how much it costs ruffly?

    also good car isnurance, for maybe a type r, with me and my lad drivers,both 20?? admiral giv me 1300 for 10 month?


    Pay-as-u-drive Car Insurance


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    mmm me still confused me blondi


    mmm me still confused me blondi

    You should fix a GPS box in ur car which a big brother will monitor 24/7. Depending on how much u drive you will charged a premium every month. Ideal if you drive less than average

    I found Liverpool Victoria to be the cheapest for me- 18yr old learner driver with my mum as the main driver. You should try and too

    try seem to be pretty cheap

    Don't forget Quidco, which can make the difference as to which policy you go for. It was a choice of Tesco Value car insurance of Churchill, but the £60 cashback through Quidco made Churchill my choice.

    Trouble is, Honda Type-Rs aren't exactly the cheapest things to insure. Going comprehensive with as much Excess as you can manage normally knocks it down some.

    Have you tried [url][/url] or a similar website to trawl through lots of car insurance companies to give you their lowest quote? Once found, go onto Quidco and see if there are any cashback offers. I got an additional £40 from MoreThan doing this.

    Or try sheila's wheelies :-D

    I've renewed recently for two separate policies for my cars, and used ]Moneysupermarket to get quotes.

    I found it easy to use, and got quotes with two separate companies, which I took. I went down this route after finding disappointing results from a current insurer, who wouldn't seem to give much at all in the way of discount with there being 3 cars in the household (my wifes car, and I have two) - even though they say they give a discount for multiple cars.

    Try Gateway, they put me and my dad on my MG zt+ 2.0l at £1,300 for 12 mths. That was with us having no, no claims. I'm only 20 and I had only passed about 1-2mths before getting the insurance.

    Everyone else was quoting us around 4k or saying get lost as they wouldn't insure me. So they maybe able to help you out.


    Or try sheila's wheelies :-D


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    ive used compare the market, and diamond cheapest, i a with elephant now, but they wont insruance me

    Norwich union simple cover
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