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Found 2nd Jan
guys quick question sorry my insurance is expiring soon well end of month. the company im with now is co-op and when i applied they got my no claims from the last company but how do they do that. is the no claims information accessible for the imsurance company's ?
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Yes ,can't remember the last time I had to give proof of no claims
You told them your NCD when you applied. Its on every application form and comparison site. If they didn't ask for confirmation then you self certified. If you claim, they may ask for proof and if you cant provide it, your insurance may be toast. I am guessing a few Scousers will find this after the fire the other night

Companies don't ask around for NCD proof from each other unless they are checking fraud. In that case, it will be provided.
Yes ,all on the insurance database now .
Aviva asked me for NCD proof when I took out a new policy last March. Made me laugh, as the previous year's policy was also with Aviva. I emailed them a photo of their own NCD proof document and they were happy. I've never been asked before though, in 20 years' of driving.
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I get asked every year to provide proof, but it’s always with the same company. Can’t see how they don’t have copy of there own proof of no claims that they send out to you.
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