Car insurance - any point in making a claim?

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Found 9th Dec 2016
My well maintained, regularly serviced car broke down on Monday. Got towed to the garage who have declared 'Catastrophic engine failure'. Only 5 months since paying them a wad to have the turbo replaced. Its only done 75k and had what I had thought to be a good reliable diesel engine. Naturally I am devastated. Someone asked why I wasn't claiming on the insurance. Am I correct in thinking that's not the sort of thing insurance care about.


You've spelt 'warranty' wrong.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Seek recourse from the garage.

Yep i think you meant warranty. Not sure how/why you'd want to claim off your insurance for this when rhe garage you bought from should fix the issues.

Sorry to hear your car problems - we all hate it!


Nothing to do with insurance

Insurance won't cover it as no insured event has taken place , they would class it as wear & tear or manufacturers fault ( or something along those lines )

For insurance to cover a claim it generally needs to be as the result of an accident , theft or malicious damage
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You've spelt 'warranty' wrong.Sorry to hear of your troubles.Seek … You've spelt 'warranty' wrong.Sorry to hear of your troubles.Seek recourse from the garage.

So what? You and I and most people know what they meant?

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Have you got a second opinion on it? Might sound dumb but i would, especially if you've just spent a lot of money on it at the same garage?

Just out of curiosity was it a French car


So what? You and I and most people know what they meant?

You're funny.

Original Poster

Ok, thanks, as I thought. Just thought I'd better double check in case I was missing something. No warranty on the car I'm afraid.

What's the make and model of the car.

How do they define "Catastrophic engine failure"?

I have a car which has been plagued with issues but for a car to fail a turbo and engine at 75k...... something not right there.


​You're funny.

I wasn't trying to be funny, but thanks

75k and catastrophic engine failure sounds like a snapped cambelt.

'Catastrophic engine failure' sounds like it may be the timing belt though I'm not sure how diesel engines work, but it's far too vague and they should tell you exactly what's wrong. If it is the timing belt it may have been something they missed during a scheduled major service, and they're being vague about it as they may be liable.
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You can't claim, it's wear and tear.



Ok, thanks, as I thought. Just thought I'd better double check in case I … Ok, thanks, as I thought. Just thought I'd better double check in case I was missing something. No warranty on the car I'm afraid.

If you paid via credit card from a trader you might have some luck?

If its cam belt when was it due /done ? . If it's turbo caused it , not long done . Water pump fail can cause this . Find out what caused it . If it's worth in good nick track down a recon engine .


turbo doesn't cost much if you buy a re con! new turbo cost 1k mark while a re con costs£200-£250 ish.

but a engine from scrap yard.

What is make and model of car? I bought a kia sedona, had a cam belt kit fitted (£500), set of glow plugs (£100) then fitted a towbar and electrics.
Less than 2 weeks after all this work it started clattering and banging. Fearing the timing belt hadn't been fitted properly I went back to the garage. After a little research it turned out that there is a 'common fault' with sedonas - the oil pump has a crank in the sump which disintegrates. Out of warranty, all wear and tear.
It cost me £2,200 to repair.
No warranty covers wear and tear.

Original Poster

peugeot 308sw hdi. Garage said its known as black death. So frustrating as its been regularly serviced and maintained and all that. Seems to me like Peugeot basically get away with making c*** engines. Or the garage didn't do the turbo replace correctly. Neither of which I can do anything about. Sigh.

Their is always an option to buy an engine from scrapyard depends on the car but I once had engine failure and fixing was costing over 1000 got engine for 350 and labour was like 200
Car was back on road for 600 it was petrol 1.6 scenic though

Ahh Peugeot, my friend has had problems with this on his van with the 1.4 engine. I think it's the injectors that start leaking which causes all sorts of problem. It's probably related to why your turbo went in the first place.

I would definitely get a second opinion but this is hard when a car is not movable.

Without knowing the age or condition of the car it's hard to say whether it's worth repairing. A secondhand engine is probably the only solution but you can't gurantee the condition of what you are buying.

You could possibly sell the car for spares or repair, a site like Ebay may give you some ideas what you could get for it.

You can claim on your insurance, I work in a garage and two customers have done it in the past. You need a full service history though to have any chance of them paying out


So what? You and I and most people know what they meant?

Not necessarily, I gave seen people before get confused on the difference between a warranty and insurance. People have 'asked' on here if they can claim on their warranty after dropping and breaking phones.

I would get a second opinion and check with local trading standards to see if they know anything about this man


I wasn't trying to be funny, but thanks

the original author meant insurance, there us no warranty.

You're still funny, as are your multiple edits to your initial, vital response.

Original Poster

Ok, so I did phone the insurance company having had a couple of indications this may be claimable but they were very firm on the fact that if it was not caused by an accident then it is not covered. If its not an accident then its wear and tear. Thanks for all the input...
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