Posted 18th Jan 2023
hi guys.
I've gone with a new car insurance company. however they are asking for the following information:

All 4 pages of the Vehicle Registration Document (V5c)
Front and back of the photocard driving licence
The unique check code from the DVLA website

I've never been asked this before all my previous years of being insured.

is this normal?

thank you

edit: the policy doesn't involve a black box
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    I have been with multiple insurers and have never once been asked for any of that. The insuers should be able to pull license data without needing a check code.

    The only time I was asked for anything even vaguely similar to a V5 was when insuring a brand new car model that had only just laucned in the UK and wasn't in their database yet. I had to get a certificate from the dealership that showed things like the weight and emissions etc. for them to get all the data and ensure it was recorded accurately and that I was definitely covered for the right model.

    Doing a quick search fro 1st central and their underwriters Skyfire, they are definitely a legitimate insurer, but the reviews don't look great imo. No experience with them myself. Just from what I see online here.
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    Is this normal? No!!! Sounds fishy.
    If they are asking for all that info it sounds like they are operating without having access to the DVLA database.
    Any insurance company can obtain this information via DVLA without asking the prospective client.
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    1st central I'm guessing.
    I was exactly the same last April. They asked for photos of mine and my wife's DL. A headed letter for my no claims. And something else. Can't remember.
    All uploaded and now fine. Hope that helps
    Tbf reading all the other comments and my experience with uploading all the details I won't be renewing with 1st central.
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    admiral asked me for a copy of my v5 and driving licence, 4 years back as they didn't believe the address that i gave them was the address that i was actually living
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    Used 1st. Central a couple of years ago and had all this nonsense. Added them to my 'never again' list.
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    All four pages of the V5C? Only two pages actually contains any information, the other two pages are blank for when you sell the vehicle.

    I don't know why they need it though. If there was anything wrong with documentation and you made a claim, they'd just reject it anyway. It's up to the individual to submit valid information, not for the company to verify it.
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    A quick google suggests multiple insurers across the board have asked for such information sporadically over the years dating as far back as 2006 according to some forums.

    Might just be something that flags up randomly or something more specific to you.
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    Which company is it? And does it involve a black box?
    1st central. It doesn't involve a black box
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    Is your vehicle a total loss? If so, they will need the V5 to transfer ownership into their name once settlement is made. If it's not a total loss, they may be checking ownership/purchase.
    They need photos of your licence and the DVLA check code to ensure you don't have any undisclosed convictions.
    I work in insurance, it's very normal to request these documents. I work in a fraud team, so we request these as standard. However there's multiple reasons that a non-fraud team would request these as well - so don't think the worst of it!
    I've not had an accident. I've only just taken out a new policy (edited)
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    I was with 1st central for 2 years and never had this. Very odd why they're asking for all that
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    Never heard before. Its not worth the hassle. Move away and find a simple insurer
    Unfortunately I've taken out the policy with them. I am however thinking to change.
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    Been with them on and off for around 10 years, never heard of this happening. Ask them why they need it or go elsewhere?
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    I don't recall ever being asked this of them
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