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    My car was dented by a female throwing a bottle of vodka at her boyfriend, it missed him and landed on my bonnet.

    Police were called and girl was arrested. I was asked by the police to put a price on the damage; I quoted them the price of my excess which was £150 and intended to make a claim on my car insurance.

    However, on refelection I don't see why I should make a claim and feel that the girl should pay the full cost of repairs. Do I get quotes and inform the police of the cost, do I get the repairs done anyway and present the court with the bill or am I expected to claim on the insurance.


    i would get a quote at the very least, dont want to lose your no claims so get it done through a reliable garage and then present the invoice!

    I am not sure what the proper way to do it but thats what i would do.

    of course you don't want to claim it on our insurance! it wasn't your fault plus if you do make a claim you'd lose your no claim bonus and your insurance will go up.
    whoever damaged your car has to pay up.

    have you got fully comp or third party if full comp would let insurance take care off it then they will chase her for money and should have no probs if police are involved. but make sure you have legal cover with your insurance or they wont chase for your excess as this is classed as personal claim.....

    everytime my cars been the victim of criminal damage (and there's been a few) i've claimed on the insurance and paid the excess. the insurance company goes after the culprit but out of the 6 or so times its happened they've only been successful once. usually the scroat has no money and the courts get the money back in dribs and drabs.

    Check with your insurance company some for example Direct Line don't reduce your no claims bonus for vandelism claims. Hope this helps

    She can be proscecuted for criminal damage and the court will award you the exact amount needed for it to be repaired. She has to pay if found guilty, which she obviously will be and then the insurance company wontknow either way.

    This is disgraceful behaviour, I mean what a waste of good vodka!

    Personally I would avoid going through your insurance and get a firm quote for the cost repairs as an estimate may be dismissed as they are not accurate 100%, there is no need to risk any no claims you have, and depending on the cars age and how much damage was done take the compensation that the court awards and either do it yourself or leave as is.

    I may be going loopy but wasnt you looking at getting a porsche a while ago? Is this the damaged car? If it is then its even more criminal!!!

    edit: was it the freelander or the boxter got damaged?…=36

    I see you made a claim on the freelander for vandalism, was that the same issue?


    I have to stay with Morethan because I made a claim recently because of … I have to stay with Morethan because I made a claim recently because of vandalism; therefore, although, my premiums won't go up all the time I am with More... I would have to declare a claim to another insurer.

    You need to try and claim of her insurance.
    As its a clear case of vandalism, she needs to undertstand that though it was unintentional she needs to report the incident to her insurance company and simply accept liability for the incident. Following which, the insurance company will bear the losses on her behalf which is the legal and proper way of dealing with the case. If she is worried about her premiums going up or whatever...she could always pay the insurance company the damages and get the incident off her insurance at a later stage. In this way both of you win. OR...

    If she does not understand; I suggest you do the following

    1. Report to the police, they would give you a registration id. Pass this over to your insurance company.
    2. Get her car registration number and contact your insurance they would be able to identify if her car is in her name and is insured.
    3. If there was anyone who witnessed the incident get their details and let your insurance company know, thwy will contact the witness and get the statement from him/her. Make sure the witness is independent.

    Hope this helps.
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