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Found 13th Jun 2015
Looking for advice and thoughts..
On 25th July 2014 I was involved in a RTA where another individual drove their car in to the rear drivers side of my car and accepted full liability. Direct Line organised for my car to go to their preferred repairer in Keith (L&I Eaton) and when the car was finally returned to me in October, it was evident that some damaged areas had not been replaced (a bent rear seat railing and broken internal plastic fascia). The car was taken back by L&I and in January 2015, my car was returned to me, only for me to discover that the boot door button was broken (and fell out), my alloys had been scratched, the underside of my car was damaged from rolling on and off of ramps and then for the Citroen Engineer to point out to me that my bumper was not straight or the same colour as the rest of my car. Direct Line then arranged for one of their engineers to visit and he agreed that the bumper needed looked at and sent it to a local garage in Aberdeen. Upon inspection, they deemed that the bumper had been incorrectly baked and was warped and that some of the brackets had been bent by L&I. Therefore the repair would involve replacing the bumper costing £2000. I wrote to the CEO at Directline and they advised me that if substantial repair work was required, they would replace the vehicle. The vehicle was then returned to me in March only for the bumper to be no better than before (in fact worse, as it detaches from the car) and for further damage (a torn boot seal). I then wrote to the CEO and copied in the Ombudsman and demanded a replacement vehicle. I then waited approximately 4 weeks for DirectLine to provide the ombudsman with my file so that they could make an impartial decision. I was then advised by the ombudsman that DirectLine required an inspection of my vehicle as the evidence I had provided was not sufficient (videos and pictures), please see……oTw. So after a lot of confusion between Direct Line and the Ombudsman and promised and cancelled visits from Direct Line, an engineer was sent to my address 26th May 2015. He undertook an inspection and agreed that the car needed looked at. Direct Line have now requested that I either let them repair the vehicle again or that I arrange for my own repairs to be undertaken. I do not find this acceptable. They have had 3 attempts to repair my vehicle, are asking for a 4th attempt and over the past 3 months since raising my concerns with the CEO and Ombudsman have completely failed to treat me fairly and ignored my request based on their failure to repair my vehicle to an acceptable standard.

As this has been dragging on for some time now, Direct Line have actually given me £1200 in compensation (up to February 2015 and their 2nd repair attempt) and paid for various hire cars but still I find that my vehicle is not in pre-accident condition and is not really fit for purpose. My car at the time of the accident was only 4 months old (after buying it March 2014) and therefore literally brand new. Whilst to the passer by my vehicle looks like new, the bumper is lower than it should be, it pops out of position and the alloys are still scratched and the boot rubber liner is torn. I have also experienced problems with the radio, reverse camera and eco mode of the car.

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Link.. I'd like to follow this
see if a local paper will take ur case or solicitor... alternatively tweet and facebook it.. squeeky wheel gets the repair / replacement.
Don't get done, get Dom? or Watchdog? Most large companies don't like to been seen to be incompetent in the public arena.
Wishing you the best of outcomes with this, and sorry I couldn't offer more help.
get onto the daily fail.... they love a story like this, and the bad publicity will hopefully get things moving along
I've ranted loads on twitter and I go through the same process again and again. Their social network team have fantastic customer skills and are great at initially dealing with a situation but then I am put through the same internal process again and the repair garages don't want to touch it or simply ignore what is wrong or indeed make it worse. I have put this all in writing time and time again but don't get anywhere as I get a standard response from a joe bloggs pp'd letter and then I start all over again. The obudsman sympathised with me and accelerated my investigation but then after almost 4 months and weekly promises of we will have a solution by end of the week, I understand your frustration, "it isn't the ombudsman delaying things it's Direct Line", the ombudsman has then favoured Direct Line and asked me to let them repair it for a 4th time or organise it myself at "reasonable cost". When the first repair cost presumably in the region of £3-4K and then the 3rd repair was £2K and I have been in two hire cars at the cost of DL for repair 2 & 3, I guess their bill to date must be in the region of £10K yet they still attempt to flog this poor car with further repair attempts. I am less confident about the car with my experiences the past few months of driving it and I guess DL are the same as they will not buy it from me and then foot the bill for the difference of a new vehicle, probably because they know it is going to be a troublesome car and it is cheaper for them if I simply deal with it. Problem is, I got the car brand new and I did not intend on replacing it for a further 6,7, maybe 8 years. How can I now rely/trust this car?

Link.. I'd like to follow this

What do you mean by link? I had considering setting up a website is free and could share my story but not sure if that would make a jot of difference...

Don't get done, get Dom? or Watchdog? Most large companies don't like to … Don't get done, get Dom? or Watchdog? Most large companies don't like to been seen to be incompetent in the public arena. Wishing you the best of outcomes with this, and sorry I couldn't offer more help.

I did tweet Dom and email their editors team after seeing a similar story on their program but I guess they cannot cover everyone and if they have already done a story like mine, then there is no point in doing another...

What do you mean by link? I had considering setting up a website … What do you mean by link? I had considering setting up a website is free and could share my story but not sure if that would make a jot of difference...

Link meaning I want to follow this post.. Maybe post on their tweeter profile.. Iv heard a lot of people have and got results from the company their having issues with
Do not go the route of arranging your own repairs at reasonable cost. Any problems after that will be left to you to sort. Ask direct line to arrange repair with a main dealer, at least that way you should get the car back to the condition it needs to be.
Your first repair should have been your choice but not now.!! don't you dare !!
you should have chose a dealer to investigate the damage and get a quote to pass on to them
I did take my car to a Citroen Dealer Service Centre (Arnold Clark Aberdeen) in February who pointed out the bumper wasn't straight (after my boot door button fell out) and then Direct Line organised for the Dealer bodyshop (Arnold Clark Torry, Aberdeen) to replace the bumper but in doing so they tore the bumper seal and tried to convince me it should be like that (I had taken photos before and after though). The new bumper that they fitted now pops out of it's plastic brackets and sits approximately 0.5cm lower than it should, leaving a finger sized gap between bumper and boot door. I feel at a total loss and don't know who to turn to now. Who can I trust? I have spoken to an independent assessor (Elite Inspections) but the report will cost £650 for them to strip back the boot door and bumper to assess the repair work but then I risk being out of pocket as Direct Line may chose to refuse to pay retrospectively. To date the original garage has failed to repair the rear seat railing of the 7th seat, failed to replace broken plastic fascia's inside the rear of the car, fitted and broken the rear plastic floor panel, screwed up the bumper, failed to fit plastic brackets to the boot door (as some of the paneling is loose). This is only the things I have managed to identify as a non mechanic but inquisitive and concerned customer.

I also agree that if I get another party to repair this work - where do I stand with warranty. Direct Line are very quick to send me a pointless generic letter failing to address any of my concerns and then think they have dealt with things even at top level when I have raised my concerns with the CEO office. new panel new panel seal intact torn seal…oTw demonstrates how the bumper pops off, but over the past few months, it simply comes detached without the need for me to touch it. This is not how a new car should fit together surely?…bYA demonstrates the massive gap between bumper and door. A new car has a gap that wouldn't even leave space for my kids to fit their hand - let alone mine. This car was 4 months old prior to the accident.

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if you have a tory MP they will sort it with the backhander from the FSA
go to your solicitor. court action is required.
If they are still being reluctant to deal with this then you should now be approaching this with the probability of taking this to court.
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