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My father-in-law (86 years no medical issues) recently mentioned his renewal was £800 (rural town,max ncb,no claims/convictions). I thought he had made a mistake and ran his details through the usual websites. The premiums I was getting (on a 1 yr old 1.6 Corsa) were all around that figure. I then ran the same car with my details and it was £200. Now obviously this is to do with his age, but having tried the obvious sites like SAGA and AGE UK, I have run out of options. Anyone have a simliar experience and what did you do?
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Would adding a 2nd driver make any difference?
ndksamb6 m ago

Would adding a 2nd driver make any difference?

Thanks, yes added my wife (his daughter) and it reduced the premium by 70£, so a good saving but still in the mid £700's
Following as my mother is early 80's and aware her premiums have risen from low £200's to £320 over the past few years. Have always assumed it is down to risk profile. Last few years her existing insurer, LV, have been cheaper than any alternative I could find.

Already have my wife on her insurance as she is points/accident free. Also worth checking that the annual mileage is correct.
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I looked online and insured my father in law last may as he couldn't afford the renewal
He had a quote of £1000+ with no accidents and driving god knows how long , protected no claims etc etc
He's 83 , I went with Tesco's , added myself and my partner to his policy , also put in his tesco clubcard and insured him for £585
I was recommended this by a friend and did it online with him sat next to me as he's not great with computers unless it's a card game
Only thing I did for him was print off his policy so not to cause confusion
The problem is the 1.6 engine, post code and his age. 80+ and premiums start increasing as there are less drivers in that age group as many give up in their 70’s due to health and the ones that are usually end up having bumps and scrapes which lead them to give up too (meaning lots of claims).
adhkarzf14 h, 24 m ago

Did You mean this site another? Says they …Did You mean this site another? Says they insure industries?

Sorry,wrong brokers.
Try this - Adrian Flux Insurance Services <> 08003134079.
Put a younger driver on the policy (middle aged woman with no claims) and see if he fits the 4k to 8k miles per year.
Thanks for all the suggestions. in the end, bizarrely, took out a new business policy via MoneySupermarket special offer with his existing insurer which came in at £650. Still a ridiculous amount, but that's life!
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