Car insurance for under 25's

Found 4th Apr 2008
Hi I am looking to buy car insurance for me and my sister, fully comp, we are both under 25, so far the best prices i am getting are £800.
Does anyone know of any good sites that we can compare?
Thank you
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When you are lucky enough to be under 25 I am sorry
to tell you the only way of getting it down is to shop around!!

Also try the free phone numbers in yellow pages, When you ring
and ask for a quote tell them you already have a quote for £400
or whatever you are hoping to pay
I found they generally managed to beat it..........
and then try and get cashback on top of that, via quidco etc....
confused.com is good..

only put all your contact details in if you want to get barraged with phonecalls from everyone and their mother about your insurance though.

personally, i found it quite useful, saved the ringing around myself
When I was younger - I always found:

They were cheapest for me...
Ps. Dont forget quidco...
I've used Thames City, Quinn Direct and Adrian Flux for car insurance (im young too! lol.). Search for them on google and ring up for a quote - Adrian Flux has a ring back service thats free.

Others to mention include GreenLight and Elephant.
Direct line are usually pretty good for younger drivers
try the autotrader insurance search. autotrader themselves were cheap for me anyway
Hi, Confused.com are very good and quinn direct usually feature high on the list for younger drivers. Also try the post office as I know a 17 year old girl who got insurance on a ford KA for £540. Also you need to put a mature driver (parents are ideal) on the insurance as that also saves money and if you haven't passed your test yet they may need to drive for you or even when you have passed a test, it's handy to have another person on in case of emergency or they can take it for repairs or mot while your at college or work!!! Hope this helps
try the comparisons sites mentioned above then after finding the cheapest price go directly to the site that is the cheapest and you sometimes get an even lower price.
I have bell insurance cheapest price i could find was about £540 21 year old, male, punto
confused.com was awful when i searched for an 18 yr old friend.. it's "cheapest offer" was 2300 got it for 930 from churchill with 100 back from quidco (paid in about a month)
Comparison sites are a joke, don't just rely on them. I always find faaaaaaaar cheaper prices going round to each of the insurers websites separately.

Confused gave me a "cheap" quote of over £2000 for my first car and I got it for £1100 in the end with Churchill.

Churchill, Tesco and Direct Line have all come out with similar quotes for me.
My son got his car insurance from confused.com through quinn direct for £929 a month before his test at 17 1/2. If he had passed it would have been £879 with him as main driver in a 1.4 Saxo N. Reg. He paid this over 12 months and now its gone down to £450. I didn't think that was too bad comparing it to other prices we found.
I found confused,com to be rubbish in the 2 years we've been insuring my son, now 19, the first year Asda were by far the cheapest for us, but they no longer insure young drivers:? and this time we've insured with Prudential, £450 tpft.
I'm trying to get insurance at the mo, its elephant.co.uk which are consitently the cheapest. Although at 2500 it still aint low enough!!!
We found the cheapest fully comp for my son was Norwich Union Simple Cover
Quinn Direct have come out top for me so far.
Marks & Spencer worked out cheaper for me. I found the Tesco comparison thingy the best
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