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Found 29th Jun 2006
I need car insurance for my 17 year old son. Anyone know who might be best for young drivers? Best price so far is £1200 with Direct Line (I've had one at £8200!) I was thinking about putting the policy in my name with him as a named driver, but reckon they wouldn't pay out as he will be the main user. Thanks
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Who needs to know he was the main driver.............

Anyway, try out these price comparison sites (you only need to put in your details once & it will search 99% of the internet insurers for you)



Good Luck !
Also, buy through QuidCo.Com and earn cashback for insurance sites [haven't looked which are on there recently]. You could save quite a bit.

DirectLine used to do a low cost insurance with a long term driver on the new driver's insurance. He could then be the main driver anyway and the driver with experience can drive it also. Don't know if they still do that, but worth finding out.
Up to £90 back through QuidCo.Com for car insurance. DirectLine is on there too!
Go for the direct line, with you as the main driver. Make sure he gets his one year no claims, then insure him on his own next year for cheaper.
Thanks for the replies - I forgot I posted this (hangs head in shame) so didn't look again until this morning. The problem with insuring it in my name is that he is starting University in September, so not only wouldn't I be the main driver, the car will be 700 miles away for most of the year........I went with Direct Line's quote in the end & a big hit to the wallet, though hopefully his student loan/grant will cover some of it. Direct line actually gave £40 cashback through Quidco, though it says £20 on the Quidco site - probably felt sorry for me. Thanks again.
I have just helped my 18 yo daughter sorting her insurance out. I used a tip that was passed to me: add a name female driver who has a full licence, no accidents / claims, etc and watch the quote tumble! And she doesn't have to driver the car either!
I reckon it was worth a 20% reduction.
I initially started here: ]http//ww…asp
With the best quote, I went to the actual company's site and then added her mother as the named driver and away we went!
Good Luck!
I wanted insurance for my 17 year old boy best quote I got was direct line at 1400. eventualy found liverpoolvictoria.co.uk went down to 1200 but then I insured the car with my name (I have company Car so dont use insurance and cant get no claims discount from company car cos I still use it).
quote from liverpoolvictoria.co.uk was £580. All other company were over 1200 with me insuring car and my son as named driver!
try Virgin insurance, they have always been cheap for me and you dont have to pay a premium just for paying by monthly DD, when I first pass Endsleigh wanted 13,000 for a years insurance lol (and they supposedly cater for students like me), they even called me back to see if I wanted to take it...the swines:lol:

Virgin undercut most of my other quotes by £300 and my first car was a 1.7ltr Ford Puma

On the plus side if you have insurance in your name with Direct line and your son as the named driver he also builds up no claims which is something to consider as most other places wont do this !
Gascinating - useful post as my daughter if to Uni with a car in October - quite right about main user having own policy as the address where vehicle is to be kept, etc, will have to be declared - at York in my daughters case - am following up insurance leads - I would not have thought about posting a thread like this - gotta be useful to many, many people.
Gr8 post - gr8 site. Wished I could find and post a bargain...I'll keep trying as it may help others. Regards.
Just tried 'em £1382.80 - much the same as everyone else - worth trying tho'. Methinks it could be the car as my wife is handing hers down - a focus TDI ghia estate...bit of a rocket shopper... interestingly, her first year, as a named driver attracted a premium of some £400 with Tesco. The above quote tho' was for her 1st policy and parked on street at Uni. Lijke everyone else put it down to Uni costs - oh well only 3 more years to go(possibly?)
Glad that this topic has been of some help. It is a difficult decision deciding whether to be honest and insure in the main drivers name (at huge cost) or put the young person as a named driver (at a much lower cost). I spent a lot of time researching this and talking to insurance companies and brokers and the advice was always the same and that was to be honest. Insurance companies are wise to all the tricks and will not pay out in the event of an accident if the young person is a 'named driver' when they are actually the 'main driver'. In the event of a claim from a third party when a death was involved you could end up liable for millions of pounds of damages and the insurance company would be perfectly within their rights not to pay out. It is simply not worth it. Direct Line were still the cheapest for my son, by some way, but it depends on where you live, the type or car etc.
Sound comments Merlin-U never know what's around the corner- honesty should never let U down- if it does, U can still hold your head high and sleep at night. regards.
it would be better if the young drivers did a
"pass plus course" just after passing the test.

a lot of insurance companies apply a discount for taking this course.
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