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    hey there

    me and my dad has combined forces and got a car to share the problem is that my dads insurance is cheaper than mine he has 5y ncb and i have 4y ncb is there a insurance company out there that will allow me to be a name driver and use my ncb as well as my dads coz i don't want to lose mine and i have 2y before i have to start again

    any help on this will be super thank you


    Personally, I haven't heard of any company that will allow you to combine/add together two different amounts of NCD.

    If you haven't got your own policy in your own name but you've earned NCD up to now, I would think that insurers will give you a reasonable period of time for your own discount to remain valid - but at some point, you will lose it.

    Probably not exactly what you mean, but try Churchill for a 'named driver' NCD…htm

    just cos you dont take out insurance in your name you wont lose your ncb, ring them ask for your ncb in writing


    OMG- your question seems so complicated. Can you ask again?


    OMG- your question seems so complicated. Can you ask again?

    lol think I have got it she has built up 4years NCB. Her dad has built up 5years NCB they are now sharing a car and she wants to be on dads insurance as a named driver, but doesnt want to lose the 4 years she has already built up, (cause named drivers dont earn NCB)

    I was on hubbys insurance for 4 years and as long as I could provide proof that I was a named driver and of his NCB, then they took it into account, but it really depends on the insurance company. You wont be able to add them together, as you put it, but it might bring down the cost of the policy if you tell them that you also have 4 years NCB from driving your own car.

    I would keep a copy of your latest quote saying how many years NCB you have so that if you come to needing your own insurance again you have proof and also keep a copy of the fact you are now named on your dads along with his NCB, that way they know that you have still been driving. lol does that make sense:?

    Hope you drive better than you type

    i am sure there is a company which will allow you to earn no claims discount as a named driver, but not sure about taking your current ncb with you. you should be ok for 2 years though, before you will lose your current ncb
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