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    I am looking to get car insurance for my clio

    I'm going to university in September in Wales and my problem is if I put my home address in the insurance is £1200, if I put my university address into it the insurance is £650, and I am going to be at the uni in only 2 and a half months. is it ok to put in the address in wales and drive it this summer?


    ring the cheapest insurance company and ask,

    agree, put you uni address. If it does get stolen, or you do crash it around your home address, dont worry. Im sure the insurance company dont expect you to just drive it around wales throughout the whole year, so if anything does happen; you can just say you came back home for the day, i mean what was you meant to do phone them everytime you change your location for a day.

    I think that you pretty well have to put your present address as your address; I believe that you are legally required to state your 'main address'. As you haven't actually gone to uni yet, if you have a crash ( most likely locally which will make the whiskers twitch), then incorrect info about your address would invalidate your claim.

    The Motor Insurance Database will reveal all to the police and to any other insurance company.

    You can change your address when you go in September and that will be fine from then on as it will be your main address.

    Have you checked out 'young persons and students' policies on the comparison sites to track down the cheapest policy? I don't actually know if they are any good currently - some while since it was relevant to us.

    How you gonna receive your documents??


    How you gonna receive your documents??

    Good thinking.:thumbsup:


    Good thinking.:thumbsup:

    You know I is clever.
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