Car Insurance is now over £550!


    I don't understand this car insurance business. I have 9 years plus no claims and yet my car insurance keeps going up every year. I don't understand that!

    Last year, I paid £433 and now it has gone up to £550! I would have thought it would come down.

    I have tried all the usual suspects -,,, (bluddy), Tesco compare, etc and £550 is the cheapest. Any ideas any one?


    You would think!! But no this year the premiums seem to have escalated. I had the same problem, I did a search on other sites and I brought mine down another hundred quid. worth researching other places. ie price comparison etc. good luck!

    try and tell me what results you get

    paid £336 last year ith Lloyds TSB after challenging a big hike. They just quoted me over £630 and refused to budge! So I went to gocompare etc (via Quidco 50p each for my trouble), and selected Sheilas Wheels from the top 5 as they are offering £60 cashback via Quidco. £384-60 = £324 less than last year (Result). I even get £300 free handbag cover should I decide I need to accessorise more!
    .. Don't let the insurance companies screw you, they rely on customer inertia like the robbing banks! Get a better deal elswhere.

    They've all went up , my premium from Saga up £80 , my premium from Churchill up £80 . Back onto Gocompare and got 2 decent cheaper deals . I rang the companys up to complain ,they said all insurances are up 20% .................and more to cover the cost of drivers with no insurances on our roads.

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    try and tell me what results you get

    Not much difference - £532 the lowest :-(.

    Last year was £345 just looked on confused and cheapest is £420

    Thing is price goes up less people can afford insurance so don't bother and it will go up yet a gain, vicious circle
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    I had that this time and checked all the price comparison websites and they were all ridiculous. I thought it was because I had 3 points for speeding now. However for some reason I looked at aviva even though they had always quoted silly prices and they came out about £100 cheaper than anyone else and I got £60 cashback through quidco which tracked and paid out. Give them a try

    Have a look at first direct as they guarantee to beat your renewal by at least 10%;jsessionid=00003dL6xwEypQxl7nNTE4jkAHu:11humjtau?clear=true

    Depending on what the 3 points is for, some companies will ignore it. It happened to my boss, she got caught over the limit and they said it happens to most people, so only repeat offenders tend to get higher policies.

    Problem is that insurance companies will increase prices year on year. But to attract new customers the prices will always be cheaper than an existing company...... So you need to be prepared to work for a cheaper policy...

    The increasing costs of insurance is due to a number of reason...
    1) vandal kids - people claiming for damage caused by kids that have nothing better to do.
    2) the throw away society that we seem to have - "if I bump the car next to me... oh well it's not mine" attitude!
    3) parents who think insuring a car for their kids is the right option - it's illegal and if you're caught you won't be covered!
    4) car crash for cash scams...
    5) as bad a this sounds... slow drivers and brake pedal touchers.

    unfortunately due to the increasing number of uninsured drivers, it's not the insurers that are increasing their costs... it's the motor insurance bureau premiums that pay out for injury caused by uninsured drivers.

    It sucks, but if you know an uninsured driver you should report them... if we leave them unreported... we pay the cost for inflated premiums I'm affraid.
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