CAR INSURANCE - Is this possible?

    Just had my insurance renewal through - £711!!!!!!!
    Anyway, rang them - MORE THAN - wont budge.
    I went through their website to get 'a new quote' - £595!
    Am i able to let existing policy lapse and sign up for a 'new' policy?
    Anyone done this / any info?


    did you tell them that that lower price when you called most companies usually lower their price when you mention that.

    phone them and say u went online and did a quote and tell them what it was and ask them to match it or u will go elsewhere

    Yer just dont renew the car insurance.

    Yeah i've done this - Dont renew and then buy online... ive done it with directline

    They done this to me this year too, quote they gave is £100 more than what they quote on line for a new customer. The bloke on the phone matched it for me when I phoned up to cancel. Told hm not to bother as kwik-fit are cheaper. And more than/quidco robbed me of my cashback last year (so sacked em both).

    dont forget quidco, topcashback etc when signing up for a new policy
    i do this every year, renew with more than with a new policy and get cashback

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone.
    Im going to try again in the morning and be more threatening!!!

    no just cancel, then go through quidco and sign up at the cheaper price. i've done this twice now on car insurance and had no problems, quidco have paid up too ;-)

    I do this all the time. Often you can get cashback with a new policy aswell rather than renewing.

    Did it let you do a new quote with your same details? With Diamond/Elephant we couldn't do a fresh quote with the same details so we had to put next doors door number and slightly alter the date of birth. This meant we couldn't just start a new policy online. They didn't seem to like us doing the new quote but we used to phone them with the reference number of the new quote and they would go through it and then match the price. This worked the 6 times we did it - this time we got a cheaper quote elsewhere :thumbsup:

    don't forget quidco

    People have said above not to renew the insurance, most places you'll find you need to actually cancel rather than just not renewing.
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