Car insurance premium refund - direct line

Posted 23rd Apr
Hi. Just thought I share that with you. Phoned up my car insurer (direct line). As I have been put on “furloughed” at my work, the mileage I was doing has dropped. Told them that (in my case i’ve dropped it by few k per annum). The have issued me a refund of just over £30 which is nice gesture. Not a lot but still better than nothing. It may be more in someone else’s case so it is worth giving a try if someone has lost work or has been. Furloughed like myself.
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I think most insurers r giving £25... so just over £30 is pretty generous
cainer123/04/2020 14:32

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Hopefully mate!.. my insurance runs out in 3 weeks, so I doubt my insurer will b nice enough to slip me £25
I am with esure and I hope they refund something
Let’s hope aviva get their finger out with some kind of refund ASAP for their customers!
Im with Hastings direct... aint heard a peep from em
it'll be nice to get £25 back on my £2K policy
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