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    Had a prang in my car, which the third parties insurance has admitted liability for. Gotta take it the assessors next week. Problem is the damage (cosmetic) may be more than the value of the car, so can the third party insurance force me to "write off" the car? I would much rather they repair it than offer me their idea of the market value of the car, as it'll not be worth my time and effort losing the car and buying something else. Anyone have any experience of this situation?



    They will probably offer you some money to "Get the car fixed yourself" and you keep the car.
    It's then up to you whether you fix it or not.

    when i had an accident in my old swift i wasnt given any option.
    they wrote it off then shortly afterwards i had a request for a change of ownership .. someone had got themselves a bargain, i was gutted i loved that car!


    Someone in the insurance company probably wanted it.
    I bet the car's fixed and still running now.

    Bottom line... You don't have to accept their offer.

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    Thanks for the info guys :thumbsup: I had a feeling it would not be straightforward - as everyone I speak to seems to have a different view on what will happen! I think I'll try to push for some kind of cash settlement with me keeping the car if they don't want to repair it.

    The Insurance company aren't usually interested in keeping write offs if they're not worth much and will sell it to you for a nominal amount or nothing if it's a banger
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