Car insurance renewal - usual large increases

Posted 6th Aug 2022
Currently paying £378/year for my car insurance and it's due for renewal at the end of the month.
As per usual, the company I'm with, Sainsbury, is letting me renew for only £160 more than this year but I do get 4000 Nectar points worth £20 for doing so!

Are there any companies out there that don't increase premiums by at least a 1/3rd for renewal?
It seems the bigger your NCD, no convictions etc. you have, safe area etc., the more you end up paying.
(Generally parked in a secure staff car park during the day. Couple of miles each way to work + usual shopping etc. Can park on a gated driveway in an area with little crime)

Already been looking at alternatives that range from £370 upwards (Hastings etc.).
(Have been with Tesco in the past and they want £628)
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