Car insurance - Who are ya with?

Found 25th Sep 2008
My car insurance needs renewing next month.

I'm currently with M&S and paid £700 last year fully comp. My renewal price is £665.

I've gone through a few of those comparison thingys and got quotes of around £555 - £570 with the AA, Post Office and Kwik Fit.

If you're with any of these, are there any horror stories I should know about before I choose which one to go with?!
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my sister was with aa and there fine but she changed to swinton and the quote was £150 lower may be worth looking in to.
would recommend checking quidco as well can usually get decent amounts back on car insurance!

im with elephant so cant comment on the others!
I found the best quote with Diamond and OH is with Elephant - couldn't beat their prices, give them a go
im with kwick fit get a free mot only went with them as they were the cheapest for me, not made any claims *touch wood*
esure but i did a search first-diamond couldnt complete-we have full no claims and pay around £290 full comp each
I'm with Yes Direct - not the cheapest (but nearly) and you get £50 quidco. RAC and AA are both good, been with them in the past but they are expensive.
I have been with A plan insurance for around 5 years, and since then every member of both my and my wifes family are with them. They offer an excellent service and a tremendous price.
Was with AA for 8 years and they are good but the Post Office beat their renewal quote by a considerable margin - £50 cash back so I have switched.
churchill are very cheap
I have been with Churchil for about 5 years now, the only problem is that they always send a more expensive automatic renewal, and then I have to ring them up and tell them that I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Then they lower thier price for me. Currently £403 fully comp. I don't know how good they are because I think you only get to find out how good your insurance is when you need them. Fortunately, never have needed them. Touch wood.

churchill are very cheap

Yup me too, Ohhhh ! yes :thumbsup:
Oh ! yes make sure you tell them the correct details, was with the AA, when I told them I was unemployed they put the premium up by £78, so I tried Churchill they said makes no diff to us, AAs loss, Job starts in 4 weeks and AA will never get my business again HaHa
We are with NFU, they are really competative for young drivers even after they have had a claim!! My son wrote off my car in July and we expected the premium to go through the roof, went up a bit but not too excessive and they were brilliant over the claim. :-D
Privilege. £195 a year :thumbsup:
Just a few words of advice
Most comparison sites just offer a suggestion of price and base their prices on a limited number of questions (in order to achieve a quick quote). When you go through to buy, make sure you check everything TWICE before you hit the buy button as disclosing the wrong information could invalidate your policy.
Check any additional costs such as administration charges if you change or cancel the policy or if you loose your papers and want duplicates.
Most sites nowdays quote with a high voluntary excess. This needs to be added to any compulsory policy excess to give the total amount payable following a claim.
Check how long you are given a courtesy car for and under what circumstances.Many companies don't offer one if your car is written off or stolen, this could be important to you if you rely on your car.
Finally, check how easy it is to contact the company again in the future. Some have premium rate customer service number which could outweigh any initial savings.
Buy a policy offering good value for money, not necessarily the best price!
Hope this helps :-D
I'm with Halifax
The sheilas wheels babes are hot...makes me want to go get car insurance right now!:thumbsup:
No one has mentioned Norwich Union? I used to get quotes from all companies by phone years ago, they asked who I was with and who had quoted me the cheapest (NU) and a lot of them told me they could not compete with NU prices.
im with kwik fit and so is the wife, not made any claims yet but if you go with them phone up and speek to someone they usually drop their price and throw in some freebies and dont forget you get 10% off kwik fit products as well
I've just renewed with LV - had always been with Swinton before but LV were a lot cheaper. Also got £45 quidco.
Try Swinton
I found [COLOR="Red"] [/COLOR]to be the best for the past 5 years - no one else come close on pricing and service.. Well worth a try ..
Try Auto-direct they're very cheap. Also, beware of Compulsory Excesses on policies, the AA one I was quoted was particularly high. It means you ask for a £300 voluntary excess say, and then their compulsory excess is £400 and you add these together for the total you have to cough up before the insurance pays out. Anyone you insure with, remember to ask what their compulsory excess is. Also don't get too carried away with Quidco cashbacks because often it does not make your insurance the cheapest you can buy. All the best.
Depends entirely on your circumstances, use the MSE tool that compares most, if not all, the insurance companies.
:thumbsup:Try Virgin, best for me and no fee paying monthly
Right I've tried to reply to this thread twice now, but my Firefox keeps crashing :x

Thanks for the replies. I'm going to have another shop around to see if I can find anything better. I don't think I will though!

I've tried most of the ones mentioned & they all want more than £555, even with Quidco.

I am a new-ish driver though so it's to be expected!

I'll rep as many of you as I can today. The rest I'll rep tomorrow
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