Car issues, is it the DPF? Can it be fixed?

Found 3rd Apr 2018

My parents are having issue with their 2011 Ford Focus TCDI 1.6, a lights come up saying engine malfunction and it drives limp (wont go above 2k revs) and shakes when yo sit in idle.

Been having a quick look online since it's being towed to the ford garage tomorrow and im reading some diagnostics, horror stories and some pretty simple solutions to common issues.

One common issue seems to crop up on searches is the DPF becoming blocked, this would make sense as when asking my parents how it came about they mentioned it had to go in for a force DPF regen last year after becoming limp (no engine malfunction light).

The biggest concern for me is that they're going to be charged several hundreds by ford for several reasons they may "find".

Got a friends who said he can hook up his portal diagnostic machine to see the error, so this would help conform things, but if it is the DPF can it be sorted outside of the garage with tried and tested methodS?
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The limp mode warning can come on for many reason, it can be as simple as a sesnsor faulty, however if they typically drive short journeys it is more likely to be something like the DPF or EGR valve becoming clogged or stuck. Both of which arent going to be cheap to replace.
I have seen a company called terraclean who do engine system 'washouts' that is mewnt to help with dpf issues, but I guess that depends on the extent of the damage atm.
Usually a dpf light comes on. Usual fix is a long drive ( 30 miles) where engine is constantly running over 2000 revs. This will clean the dpf.
The trouble with modern diesels is that when they get used for short runs the dpf doesn't get a chance to clean itself.
Not entirely sure from The description of it is dpf. Could be injector or egr valve.
If the dpf is blocked a garage can do a forced regen. It does matter to what level the dpf is clogged , . If it is clogged up beyond a certain point than it will need to be replaced. It's stupidly expensive
Before having anything done check to see if the hoses to and from the DPF are split or perished. This happened on my Mondeo recently. New pipes were about £65.
A blocked DPF doesn’t cause the car to shake from my experience.

The annoying thing is if it’s a blocked DPF all’s the garage will do is clear the codes to take it out of limp mode then do a forced regen. Shame you haven’t got a code reader to see what the code is first and if it’s a DPF issue you can clear the codes yourself and that will take it out of limp mode then give it a blast up the motorway.
I’m part of the terraclean network, if you send me your post code I can find out who is the closest agent to you. A lot of the operators are mobile too if that helps? It’s not an actual terraclean service that will clean the dpf but a separate dpf clean. The dpf can be cleaned by the dpf tool, the only other issue you might have is if it’s full of ash but it can still be sent away to be cleaned rather than replaced. Saying that you still need to get it diagnosed correctly, may be an injector gone down. If you need any more info then feel free to pm me
Why would a blocked DPF cause shaking? It seems more likely to be a mechanical issue than a chemical one.
Have had a similar issue in the past... Engine Malfunction and Limp Mode, turned out to be Glow-Plugs Issue
Plugging in your friends diagnostic or buying a Bluetooth obd-ii reader (under £10 on ebay) and installing torquelite(free) onto your phone would enable you to see what the error codes are, google them and then be better informed to the possible causes.

DPF wouldn't be top of my guesses from your description - fuel not getting through at sufficent pressure could match your description - but reading code would be better than guessing.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me with you input.

Getting more details and actually going over to see it, car looks fine until you start it up it rattles more than a diesel should do and the engine malfunction light pops on immediately. When trying to rev or move the car (short distance) it struggles to rev above 2k revs and as you try the accelateator it judders and gradually get to 2k, goes a little bit past it and the settles on 2k revs with foot frimly pushed to the floor.

speaking to a cousin who has a Vauxhall insignia desiel said he’s has the same issue and reckons it could be the fuel injectors (that was the cause of his issue).

ill keep people posted, more of a just trying to fingers out what the problem is to be prepared for the ford garage make it out to be.
If you ever get it going then run on motorway in 4th gear for 20+ miles when you get chance..
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Yeah something I suggested but the breakdown happened as they were coming down the A1 towards Leeds from Newcastle so they’d quite a bit of mileage to burn off any crap.

begining rule out the DPF more detail
i get in from the parents
It's an injector problem. I had shaking issues on my vw golf 2005 model. Needed to get it hooked up to machine and then replaced. One or two of the 6 were faulty as far as I can remember. But worth going into your local garage and seeking his opinion.
Taking it to a ford dealers is going to be pricey. Any local garage could run a diagnostic a lot cheaper or you can buy your on basic one for next to nothing.

I don’t think it’s egr or dpf. I think it’s an injector issue that’s causing the shacking.
Get your friend to run a diagnostic check on it
Sounds like either egr , glow plugs or an injector gone down
Diagnostic check will give you the answer
Don't take it to ford
My vectra had similar symptoms albeit could be any number of things. Quoted £250 to replace maf sensor but turned out a split in the hose leading to the turbo. £45 and was fixed. Can u take off the engine cover rev it and see if any air escapes
If it is the dpf then:

What you need is two things. Force regen to clear the dpf and clear the codes. Then add some cataclean for dpf to the fuel and run it up the motorway/dual carriageway. They then must get in a regular pattern of going for a long drive every few weeks at over 40mph for 10-20 mins to allow a regen.

You can buy a special odb device that allows you to do the force regen yourself using forscan (not the cheap readers). I got mine from Eastern Europe for about £25, it worked on a friends focus.

Something like the below…256?

Please Check compatibility before making any purchases
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Will the op come back and update what the fault was ?
She will indeed.

gargae my parents took it too (friend of the families) had diagnosed it wrong and had yet to hook it up probably.

fortunately my sister got in touch with another mechanic she knew, took it in and it was......

Fuel injector.

same gargage diagnosed, repaired the injector and reset the computer and running smooth again.

Recommended an hydro flush later date
Nice one , cheers for updating
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