Car Jump Starter

    I am looking for a car jump starter. So far, every one that I have come across has majority bad reviews. Therefore, could anyone recommend a good one? I've found the following, which SEEMS great, but sadly I can't find any reviews for it:…8-5


    Out of interest what do you want to use it for? If you have a car with a dud battery, buy a new battery - they're easy to fit and you can get good deals if you look around, e.g.

    You could then use a car battery charger (the ones for approx £13 in Aldi and Lidl that come up on offer are quite good), and a pair of jump leads with the old battery for the same result. Or if not replacing the battery find one at a scrap yard, there should be some there that hold charge - take a multimeter with you. What will kill off a jump starter ultimately is the fact that the battery will die off due to not being charged up regularly enough.
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    Do you want a mobile one or a mains one?

    From experience don't buy those cheap plastic battery chargers as you'll end up paying twice. I've done a bit a research down this road before.

    Buy something decent like a Clarke, which includes a starter function - a BC100N should be the lowest model you should consider.
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