Car kit for a new driver =]

Found 22nd Jan 2010
So as you might know i bought my daughter a car yesterday, now i need to get her some of the essentials for it as she hasnt had one before. What would you recommend & where is the best place to get it?

I have already got her some fluffy dice and she has bought herself a cd player.

Oh and i should have mentioned she isnt a girly girl at all, very tomboy
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1 of those rear window stickers...babe on board, tart on board , dads taxi, etc , whichever suits:thumbsup:
halfords are usually pretty good with 'girly car kits' especially me to you and hello kitty.....a friend of mine got the full HK range for about £20....from memory she had the steering wheel cover, visor tidy thing, tax disk holder, phone holder and seat covers....not really my thing personally
Me to you…=-1
powered by fairydust…=-1

Or do you mean de-icer, an ice scraper, in car charger for her phone, hands free kit, blankets, oil

Personally when I passed I went for the alloys and widened-low-pro tyres lol...then 2 days after getting the keys it got stolen :x :roll:
First Aid Kit, Flourescent Vest, Warning Triangle, Tow Rope, Petrol Can, Foot pump, Haynes Manual, Battery Charger/Jump Starter & Jump Leads
I would get a Med Kit and a blanket just incase she ever needs it, good to have in the car
Get her a man so he can wash it.
Breakdown recovery is pretty essential I would say.

Get her a man so he can drive it.

Indeed... :thumbsup:
Fire extinguisher
I'd say this is probably what you need....

I've got a compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter, it also acts as a torch and hazard light, really handy for me.
Flourescent jacket and make sure you've got the locking wheelnut if there should be one!

Breakdown/recovery cover would also be a good safety net. Make sure she understands about not sitting in the car on the side of a busy road in the event of a breakdown - just last week this happened to a friend of mine, who luckily was a safe distance behind the barrier. Car was a write-off.
poundland have some good bits most of the time lots in pink like demister pads etc mayb have look in there ? a wind up torch would be good fleecy blanket incase she is stuck some where , primark , home bargains and b & m bargain stores are handy if you have them near you are always worth a look

lol just read your post again mayb the black bits from poundland etc would be better than pink then lol
I'd get a Nokia bluetooth kit installed in the car. Worth it if you plan on keeping the car, as they are much better and easier than headsets.

You get in the car, and the phone automatically pairs, and when the phone rings it cuts the radio so you can press a button on the kit and answer, with a microphone fitted by the light/sunvisor

I've got one, and i wouldn't be without it now, and i'd have another one fitted in a new car if it didn't have one.

Dice and stuff look tacky.

Also it's illegal to hang stuff from your interior mirror.....:?

Also it's illegal to hang stuff from your interior mirror.....:?

Please show me which law this is please.

Please show me which law this is please.

It's definitely an MOT fail!
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