Car lease/ accident/ returning the car.

Found 12th Jan
Hi, I know roughly how car lease works, but did anyone ever had a bad experience leasing and returning the car? What happens when you have an accident/ crash/ someone destroys the leased car??
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Optimism there. When and not if.
You use your insurance like if you have an accident in any other car.
I think you need to have gap insurance like when you have a car on finance.
They normally expect reasonable wear and tear, very minor tiny scratches or chips are fine but big dents, smashed panels, keyed panels are your responsibility to sort out, if you hand it back like that expect to pay far more than if you sort the problems out yourself. If the car is that bad your probably better off buying the car off them and then selling it if it’s not totalled.
If your insured then fix it
You need gap insurance because in certain circumstances you could end up having to pay the difference between the market value and leaseholders market value which may differ.
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