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    I was wondering whether anybody could help me.

    I am currently applying for a Ford Lease PCH on a three year term. I have provided the company with the last three months pay slips. They have also asked for a three month bank statement.

    I am a little apprehensive about providing this information as over the past three months I have been gambling a little and had money coming in and out of my account. I have never been overdrawn, in debt or borrowed money from anybody. But will the lease company reject me on this basis? Has anybody any experience?


    doubtful, they are just going through the motions. They will be hard pushed to reject you unless you have a massive overdraft.

    I find this to be very over the top and quite invasive, I am currently half way through my first lease I didn't have to provide bank statements etc. I suppose different companies have different policies though.

    *Perhaps they don't use credit reference agencies such as experian, equifax and the likes, (I think they have to pay to access the info these companies hold) and this is the info they require to check if you can afford repayments?
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    dont worry its just additional checks to show:

    a) your money management
    b) you are who you say you are

    if youve never had credit before they may be a little bit hesistant as youve never shown you can repay a debt. baffling, i know.

    Not come across this before, but then I've never used Ford financial services. VW, Citroen and Renault haven't asked for such information when I've used them. You say you've never had debt so maybe your credit file is a bit light so they need the additional information to be sure you can afford the payments.
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