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Found 27th Feb
Hi there seemed to be a huge selection of lease deals months ago when i didn't need one and now when I do only a very small selection on hot deals.

Can anyone recommend any good sites or deals which would help me.

I am looking at around 15k miles with a small deposit (Max 3 months) and would like a large saloon or estate. Ideally BMW/Jag/Merc.

If I could get anywhere near £300 a moth including vat I'd be happy.
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There aren't many 'hot' deals around at the moment, especially if you're after a premium marque. But try WhatCar Leasing, National Vehicle Solutions, Contract Hire and Leasing, Yes-Lease as starting points. We may see some new manufacturer subsidised 'special' deals at the beginning of the next quarter (i.e. 1st April).
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