Posted 21st Jul 2022 (Posted 2 h, 34 m ago)
With the days of dirt cheap car lease deals seemingly behind us ( this site used to have plenty of good deals) I was wondering what other people are doing as their leases come to an end?

My first thought was to extend the lease I have but the horrific Lex Autolease want another £100 a month to keep the same car for longer which I expect is down to used car prices

I’m also giving consideration to going back to traditional car buying or downgrading the model but wondered what others are doing
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    LeaseLoco is my go to. If you have Ltd company, I would lease through the company since EV’s have very low BIK tax. Plus energy firms like Octopus allow you dual rate tariff (cheap 4-5 hours electricity in the night) to charge your car. You can also run domestic load (washing, drying etc) during that time. So if you play it right, there are still deals to be had.
    any chance you have more details on leasing an EV through the company and what to look for?
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    Yeah both lease / PCP and used car prices have been wack lately. I just bought new (going via drivethedeal, it worked out cheaper than a 2 year old used car of the same model)
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