Car lease mileage charge

    Just wondering what an acceptable charge is for going over mileage in a lease car? Got a deal stating 7.21p per mile, is this good or bad compared to others?

    Nice one


    Sounds about right to me 6ppm + vat is fairly standard.

    Wow, that is good my last company went way over the 90k for my car after I warned them six months prior, they were charge £1 per mile, mileage ended up on 123k I laughed so much

    Yup about right most are 6p pm plus vat... so 1000 miles plus vat is around £72

    That's normal. I have one on 7ppm and one on 12ppm

    Original Poster

    Doesn't sound like a bad deal then. Thanks!

    Arval Financed car was 3.9p +vat

    I'm glad as I've gone 11k miles over
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