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Found 4th Mar
I am looking to take out my first car lease and was hoping to gain some helpful advice from any of you guys who have first hand experience of this sort of thing.
I am unsure which companies are best to deal with and offer the best deals so finding it a bit of a minefield.I know the length of contract etc I want but finding prices vary greatly so any advice will be most helpful.
thank you in advance
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Past 3 lease cars I have had have all been leased through my local main dealers.

i find a price in the internet and then take that to them to see if they can match is, they have always beaten it.

i use sites like:

what car leasing
select leasing
yes car lease
stable leasing
If you know what car or type of car you want, best places to look have tended to be WhatCar Leasing, Contract Hire and Leasing, National Vehicle Solutions and Yes-Lease. When comparing prices you need to add up all costs including fees (and road tax if not included) then divide by the number of months to get a true monthly cost.

For a cost comparison vs purchasing outright, visit broker sites such as Drive The Deal or Orangewheels to get the biggest discounts off list price, then deduct the predicted residual value at the end of your term from the discounted price to see how your lease compares with depreciation on the same car. Also remember that purchasing via PCP adds interest on top whereas PCH does not, so your £25k car bought via PCP may end up actually costing, say £27k or £28k.

It's best to steer clear of 4 year deals unless very cheap, as you start to incur extra costs such as MOT and repair costs as most manufacturer warranties only last 3 years.

I prefer to deal with local dealers and the manufacturers own finance companies rather than with brokers, it's good to have somewhere you can go to if there's a problem rather than only being able to communicate via phone or email. That's just my preference, i'm not suggesting all brokers are bad.
I have a leased vehicle currently with select contracts, like you on my initial search I looked at loads of companies online and found at that time the best deal was with them.
They match prices, great customer service, and with my vehicle lease ending this year I will be using them again..
I understand comments above stating if anything when wrong you have a place to go rather over the phone, however when my car had issues I was able to take it straight to BMW because it’s brand new and in warranty which they sorted straight away. I would try local dealers first and compare what you get and compare with online, tbh a saving of £20-30 a month soon adds up.
Cue hate and people hating on this! But -Have you thought about using a Credit Card? I bought our last car on a Card Balance Transferred it with 0% Fee and a 0% 24 months interest free period and then did same again just to finish off as went over 24 months. I paid NO interest!
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