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Posted 7th Feb
Hi, I have had a lease cars for the past 5 years and now looking at purchasing another one. Question is what is the best way to get the best deal? I have been looking at the BMW 3 Series M Sport 320D but all I have seen are these for about 12k for a two year term. Which is expensive as the 8 series was on here for the same price. Can anyone advise where to look or do I just keep checking this site for any deals? Thanks..
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purchase or lease?

carwow/drivethedeal for purchase.
Leases just keep an eye on the various sites. Tend to be cheap deals on stuff that doesn't sell or is end of life. hence the 6series etc deals. that isnt going to happen with something mainstream like a 320d
Lease and thanks ill keep trying!
Have a look on Whatcar leasing It's like a comparison site for leasing etc..
Dont forget to add the optional indicators
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